Thinkspace before you speak | art by Brian Mashburn & Casey Weldon

What world do you live in? Does it feel like this?







That’s the world of artist Brian Mashburn whose work, according to his website, “is drawn from everyday observations as well as an interest in history, natural science, and philosophy. The heavy mists of Appalachia and smog of southeastern China and Hong Kong further inform his foggy aesthetic.” He lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

I found this world when I visited Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City on April 29 this year. So if this is your world, I love it. Just please take some Vitamin D supplements. I returned to Thinkspace on June 3 and found another world. Maybe this is yours. Take a look:





If this is your world, it’s a curious one, which can only explain why so many feline species are in it. Casey Weldon created this world. He graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and opened a studio in Las Vegas. Now he’s in Brooklyn, New York.

Maybe neither is your world. And hey, that’s fine by us. You can create your own or you can find one. We happened to have made one of magic and mystery. Maybe you’re a character in one of the five stories. They haven’t revealed their names yet.

— E.K. from Silver Lake, Los Angeles


Art and magic are no different. But we are.


We wrote the 5 mysteries.

We’re from another world.

I Thinkspace Therefore I Am

We love many art galleries in Los Angeles. And Thinkspace is one of them. I can say that for all of us. If you want to get all post office on me, Thinkspace Gallery is in Culver City—yes—and the art scene is quite alive here. Years ago, I discovered that truth at Scion Space during an exhibition by James Jean. That was my gateway gallery, and I’ve since been a heroin addict of contemporary art.


Will you start snorting Banksy? You’ll only know if you start going. Although I can’t deliver your first hit of art gallery, I can share these videos—that are less than a minute—during the opening night of Bruxism by Allison Sommers and 彷徨 / Wander by Ozabu at Thinkspace.

You see now. Not all galleries are about art dealers and monocles. And not all artists understand that magic and art are synonymous. But we do.

— Q.D. from Culver City, CA


Art and magic are no different. But we are.


We wrote the 5 mysteries.

We’re from another world.